Partnership with DEKRA broadens testing options for process safety

07 Apr 2016

More testing options for customers within and outside Europe, leading to enhanced process safety, is the aim of the recently announced strategic partnership between DEKRA Insight and TNO.
Partnership with DEKRA insight broadens the testing options for process safety

There is a wealth of knowledge within TNO with regard to testing hazardous substances, dangerous chemicals and characterizing substances. Tests are performed in Rijswijk and Ypenburg. With its laboratory in the United Kingdom, among other facilities, DEKRA Insight is a leading European player in the area of process safety. Due to the cooperation between both parties, it is possible to take on and solve more complex issues relating to process safety. Examples include questions that cannot be solved with standard tests but require a fresh approach.

DEKRA and TNO: a complementary relationship

A delegation from DEKRA Insight visited TNO's facilities in February. ‘Our guests confirmed that we really complement each other,’ says TNO's Robert Nijhuis. ‘Testing hazardous substances whose precise properties are not known is risky by definition. After all, you do not know if and when they are going to explode. We have unique facilities in Rijswijk and Ypenburg for characterizing and performing tests on these substances, mainly because we do a lot of work for Defence. Our knowledge and facilities enable DEKRA Insight to solve more complex issues. DEKRA Insight does not have comparable facilities itself on the European mainland. On the other hand, it does have a large European network of customers. Through this strategic partnership, we can thus combine our expertise and make our services available to each other's customers. From questions about process safety to explosive substances, and from incident investigations to dangerous chemicals. These additional assignments will enable TNO to broaden and deepen its expertise. And our customers will ultimately reap the benefits from this,’ says Nijhuis.

Want to know more? Please contact Robert Nijhuis.


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