Technical mission to boost technology-based business opportunities in the circular economy

11 Apr 2016

This week, from 11 to 15 April 2016, the ELAN Network Technical Mission brings together Dutch, European and Latin American actors to share pioneering experiences, business models and best practices of public-private partnerships in the circular economy. The focus is on identifying technology-based business opportunities, including renewable energy, bio-economy and environmental technologies.

Best practices and state-of-the-art knowhow

A central aim of this technical mission is to showcase Dutch leadership in the areas of renewable energy, bio-economy and environmental technologies and, by doing so, establish public-private partnerships to help realise business initiatives in the circular economy. TNO has established a strategic collaboration with CSR Netherlands, whose ambition is to turn the Dutch business community into a circular economy that can serve as a global model, and Circle Economy, a cooperative social enterprise that advocates a new economic approach. Together they want to work with the ELAN Network to foster the creation of technology-based business opportunities and to promote different types of collaboration among European and Latin-American entities interested in innovation and technology around circular economy.

ELAN Network

The ELAN Network, financed by the European Commission, is a space for collaboration, co-generation and the development of technology-based business opportunities between Europe and Latin America. It brings together key European and Latin American research and innovation actors (R&I) that promote technology-based transformation processes and economic growth in order to promote the generation of technology-based business opportunities between European and Latin American SMEs, thus enhancing R&D results with a business model that responds to market demands. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technology transfer and co-creation processes to foster the competitiveness of SMEs and an equitable and sustainable socio-economic development.

TNO is one of the most important participant of the network and coordinates the activities for the identification of strategic areas for collaboration between Europe and Latin America. For the Netherlands, manifold opportunities have been identified in the areas of renewable energy, bio-economy and bioprocesses, eco-innovation, environmental technologies, nanomaterials, advanced manufacturing, ICT and health.

Strategic collaboration between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean

The Technical Mission will share leading examples of best practices and public-private partnerships that succeed in promoting real circular economy-based business as well as Dutch state-of-the-art knowhow embedded in innovation projects, business models and circular economy initiatives, in particular those related to (renewable) energy, bio-¬economy and environmental technologies. New business relations created via a trade and matchmaking fair will help strengthen networks and establish sustainable contacts. The representation of the Latin American participants ranges from innovative SMEs, medium size and large companies and business support organisations to universities, research centres, government and non-governmental organisations. Nearly 30 delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico and Peru are attending this flagship event.

About TNO Caribbean

TNO Caribbean was established in 2011 at the invitation of the Government of Aruba to help develop a regional center of expertise and new economic pillar in sustainable island development. TNO Caribbean has a local Aruba and Bonaire based staff (15 FTE) working on assignments for the broader Latin American and Caribbean region for the European Commission, Inter-american development bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, and most recently the Latin American Development Bank (CAF). TNO Caribbean is leading TNO’s activities in the ELAN network, under the umbrella of TNO Energy.

If you would like to know more about the ELAN Network, please contact us.

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