i-Botics: cooperation of TNO and University of Twente on interaction robotics

Open innovation center for programmatic research in practical robotic innovations and applications with short time-to-market • 21 Jun 2016

TNO and the University of Twente joined forces in the field of robotics in the open innovation center i-Botics.  Within The newly founded Joint Innvation Center for Interaction valorization activities will be pursued in the field of exoskeletons and telerobotics. Paul de Krom (CEO at TNO) Jos Keurentjes (COO at TNO), Victor van der Chijs (president of the Executive Board of the University of Twente) and Ed Brinksma (Rector UT) signed the collaboration agreement on 21 June, paving the way to a closer collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the research institutes and the industry.
Standing from left to right: Arjen de Jong (Senior Business Developer - TNO), Paul de Krom (CEO -TNO), Victor van der Chijs (Chairman Executive Board - UT) and Stefano Stramigioli (Professor of Advanced Robotics - UT) Sitting: Jos Keurentjes (CSO - TNO), Ed Brinksma (Rector Magnificus – UT)

i-Botics is an open innovation center where programmatic research is being conducted to develop practical robotic innovations and applications with a relative short time-to-market period. Within the center, TNO and the UT will work together with industrial partners on a widely supported development programme.

Development programme

The development programme will shape up in the coming months, with interested partners from the robotics field joining in further elaboration of the programme’s details. The research lines will most likely be centered around exoskeletons and telerobotics (particularly within inspection and maintenance application). Arjen de Jong, Senior Business Developer at TNO is in the lead for the business development, whereas Stefano Stramigioli, professor in Advanced Robotics at the University of Twente, will be responsible for the scientific content.

“With robotics, there are numerous possibilities to ensure a safer working environment in several industries”, states Stramigioli. “But also, physically demanding jobs might profit from clever robotic applications. There are some great examples of situations in which robotics and machinery can support people in creating safer and more pleasurable jobs with better end results.”

Research facilities

In addition to a collaboration on content, TNO and UT will work together in improving research facilities in which robots can be tested. Arjen de Jong: “Preferably, robots are being deployed for dangerous and complicated tasks. But before they are ready to use on the working floor, tests need to be executed in a controlled and realistic environment. For several industries, these testing facilities are not available yet. By improving these, the market implementation process can be smoothened.”

More information

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