Join our clean label fermentation solutions consortium (CULTURED)

31 Jan 2017

TNO is interested in joint research efforts of developing your natural food ingredients using microbiological fermentation strategies. With consumer demand for cleaner labels and natural foods with milder processing, there is renewed interest in the age-old process of fermentation as a method of generating authentic, value-added ingredients to foods.

Therefore TNO starts an open innovation consortium project for natural food ingredient development using fermentative strategies, named CULTURED. Other than creating common food products like yogurt, beer and bread, fermentation can play a role in consumer demands for natural and unprocessed foods by producing compounds that modulate food properties like flavor, texture and viscosity amongst other functionalities. Currently, more than a third of the biomass in the food production chain is lost as waste which contains valuable nutrients that can be recycled back in the final product, creating a food enhanced by its own production stream.

CULTURED strives to develop both healthy, natural and nutritional foods, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies. At TNO, we envision several types of technology platforms to improve on or co-develop. The consortium will bring together food manufacturers, microbe suppliers, flavor houses and other industry leaders to work on producing desirable food properties like organoleptic qualities, extended shelf- life and nutritional benefits to your product. With a comprehensive work stream approach, TNO targets three research lines of applying fermentation technology to introduce functionality in final products. Focusing on raw materials, intermediate products and final products.

Type of partners

We foresee the following categories of consortium partners:

  • Natural (fermented) ingredients suppliers
  • Food manufacturers
  • Microbe suppliers
  • Flavour houses

Do you want to join?

For more information please contact Joost Blankestijn.


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