10 million for developing sustainable raw materials for chemical industry

01 Dec 2017

Biorizon partner, TNO, ECN and VITO and the Province Noord-Brabant are jointly investing 10 million euro in the development of bio-aromatics. The four parties made this announcement in Antwerp during Biorizon's annual event. Bio-aromatics are sustainable raw materials for the chemical industry which can replace raw materials from e.g. petroleum. Shared Research Center Biorizon will use the funds to finance various projects designed to bring the ultimate aim closer: enabling the commercial production of bio-aromatics for industry in 2025.

Peter Wolfs - Director Sustainable Chemical Industry TNO, Bruno Reyntjens - Commercial Director VITO, Jaap Kiel – Program development manager biomass ECN & Bert Pauli - Vice governor Province of North Brabant

TNO, ECN and VITO are investing 5 million euro, the Province Noord-Brabant is investing another 5 million. This investment that runs up to 2020 is intended to act as a flywheel to connect companies and other stakeholders over many years to one or more of the Biorizon research lines. These research lines are:

  • TNO: From sugars to aromatics
  • ECN: Thermochemical conversion of biomass into aromatics
  • VITO: From lignin, which gives wood its stiffness, to aromatics

Biorizon plans to use the financing to accelerate the development of bio-aromatics. Together with industry, Biorizon is developing technologies for extracting aromatics from vegetal residual and other streams. In this way, Biorizon is keen to offer the chemical and supply industry an alternative that is both profitable and sustainable to extracting raw materials from petroleum. Potentially this offers scope for replacing 40% of all chemicals.

Biorizon: profitable and sustainable prospect for the chemical industry

Shared Research Center Biorizon, an initiative of TNO, VITO, ECN and Green Chemistry Campus, is cooperating with partners to develop technologies for extracting aromatics from vegetable residuals. This reduces dependence on petroleum and leads to reduced CO2 emissions. By using waste streams as a raw material, Biorizon is contributing to the transition to a circular economy and offering the chemical industry and the supplying industry a prospect that is both profitable and sustainable.

Please visit the website of Biorizon for the press release and more information about Biorizon.



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