BEST Energy CheckUP makes companies energy-positive more quickly and more smartly

07 Dec 2017

Today a consortium, comprising TNO, CCS Energie-advies and the Italian research institutions ASTER and ENEA, are signing a cooperation agreement with Climate-KIC, part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). (foto) Over the coming three years, the consortium, operating under the name BEST Energy CheckUp, will organise and encourage professional cooperation between business entrepreneurs with a view to achieving maximum energy savings and renewable energy production.

TNO and CCS Energy Advice, the initiators of BEST Energy CheckUp, are keen to guide entrepreneurs through the inventory, financing and implementation of renewable energy measures, leading in time to a net production of renewable energy.

Combining initiatives

For a long while, as part of the BE+ Foundation (Business Parks Energy-Positive), TNO has promoted the drive to make the Netherlands' business parks sustainable. CCS Energie-advies is the developer of the SME Energy CheckUp, a free online scan for entrepreneurs to ascertain how they can save energy. By combining these two initiatives, the two organisations aim to accelerate energy savings in the SME sector. All the while relieving the business owner wherever possible so that he or she need invest no time, money or knowledge in the company's energy transition.

Full energy scan

This cooperation adds to both the quality and effectiveness of the transition. For example, CCS Energy Advice's existing online energy scan is being transformed from a one-off report for the SME owner to a digital database linked to information from TNO's Energy Potential Scan. This results in improved recommendations. At a later stage, a monitoring tool offers scope for checking the effectiveness of the measures taken. For its part, TNO can refine the Energy Potential Scan by drawing on the input of individual entrepreneurs to produce a customised recommendation for the company and for the business park as a whole.


The consortium is appealing to companies to participate in one of the demonstration projects. Are you an entrepreneur based at a business park or involved in another form of local collective? Do you see opportunities for collectively moving towards sustainability and gaining considerable savings on your energy bill? Are you eager to run with this? Sign up by getting in touch with TNO or CCS.


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