International commitment on the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building

01 Dec 2017

The development of the first Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building, as commissioned by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) has been facilitated by TNO. Members, partners and advisory board of the GFCE used the opportunity of the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017 in New Delhi, India, to announce the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building, which derives from best practices and lessons learned in the development, security and technical communities. Nations committed to work with the Global Agenda, as stated in the 'Delhi Communiqué'.
From left to right: Annemarie Zielstra, Theo van Ruijven, Martijn Neef, Tjarda Krabbendam, Tom van Schie, Eric Luiijf

Cyber Capacity Building (CCB) concerns the development and reinforcement of processes, competences, resources and agreements that allow communities, businesses and governments to cope with the rapid changes and challenges of our digital society – with a strong emphasis on preserving the safety, security and openness of cyberspace. As cyberspace transcends national borders, it is important for nations to align efforts and build partnerships. The Global Agenda provides guiding principles and key capacity building themes that help to streamline CCB activities within and across nations.

TNO and the GFCE have identified key topics and capacities in these thematic areas.

GFCE Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building

The themes and principles in the Global Agenda on CCB are based on contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, including non-governmental organisations, private companies, governments, international governmental organisations, and think-tanks from around the globe.

The endorsement of the Global Agenda during GCCS 2017 is an essential step in worldwide coordination of CCB efforts and aligns a diverse set of worldwide stakeholders. The next step is the action plan in which GFCE and GCCS members commit to mobilise CCB capacities and coordinate initiatives.

Global Good Practices to strengthen cyberspace

In collaboration with knowledge institutes, private stakeholders, policy makers and the technical community GFCE has published Good Practice Guides for all stakeholders involved in cyber capacity building.

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

The GFCE is a global platform for countries, international organisations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise on cyber capacity building. The secretariat aims to identify successful policies, practices and ideas and multiply these at a global level.

More information about the Global Agenda on Cyber Capacity Building and Global Good Practices:

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