TNO congratulates VitalNext with granted patent

15 Mar 2017

A significant fraction of elderly in the Western world is malnourished and/or loses muscle mass, often indirectly associated with disease. This translates into a poor physical condition, longer hospitalization periods, and increased morbidity, mortality, and socio-economic burdens. The newly issued patent covers the use and composition of a novel formulation for medical nutrition, specifically developed to accelerate weight gain, prevent muscle loss and to support the treatment of malnutrition, particularly in elderly.

Current medical nutrition products provide essential nutrients mostly in small liquid formats, but often suffer from low compliance due to poor taste and high satiety. VitalNext is developing Vital01, a powder-based formulation providing complete nutrition that can be mixed with savory food or beverages. Vital01 is designed to improve the nutritional status of patients at a faster rate, but also to more efficiently convert protein into muscle. This improves the overall physical condition, the main problem of malnutrition in elderly patients.

Dr. Rein Strijker, CEO of VitalNext, commented: “We are developing Vital01 for malnourished patients as a novel medical nutrition product, based on sound science and well-designed, statistically relevant clinical trials. Earlier preclinical studies -performed in close collaboration with the department of Metabolic Health Research at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), showed that Vital01 restored body weight significantly faster than a standard product and had profound effects on muscle mass. We are confident that our patented product will provide a great benefit for this large and growing patient group.


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