Driving on CO2: VoltaChem scales up sustainable production of formic acid

09 May 2017

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is best known for its contribution to global warming. Less known is that it can also function as a resource for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. For the next two years six partners in a consortium of Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem will collaborate in a project that aims to convert CO2 with the aid of sustainably produced electricity into large amounts of formic acid. Formic acid can be used as a fuel, as conserving agent in animal feed, to store energy and as a chemical building block. The result: lower production costs, lower CO2 emissions and a contribution to the sustainable energy system of the future.

VoltaChem is a business-driven Shared Innovation Programme for the electrification of chemistry, initiated by TNO, ECN, Topsector Chemistry and multiple companies. Its goal is to use renewable energy in the chemical industry for the production of heat, hydrogen and chemicals.

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VoltaChem: Electrification of the Chemical Industry

Voltachem is a business-driven Shared Innovation Program that connects the electricity sector to the chemical industry. Read more

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