HIGH-TOOL project is nominated for the German Mobility Award 2017

08 Jun 2017

Out of 170 applications, the European HIGH-TOOL project has been selected as one of the ten projects to be awarded the German Mobility Award 2017(Deutscher Mobilitätspreis 2017). TNO and the rest of the HIGH-TOOL team is very proud to be nominated and of the received recognition for the high quality of work performed.

The HIGH-TOOL model is an open source, high-level strategic assessment model for use by EU policy makers and policy analysts to assess economic, social and environmental impacts of transport policy measures. The model has two purposes. It can be applied to strategic assessment of transport policy options, and to support identification of policy options for further analyses by more detailed assessment instruments.
HIGH-TOOL is a project partially funded by the European Commission under the FP7 program and performed by the leading organisations in this working field; Főmterv Zrt., MCRIT S.L., MKmetric, Panteia, Significance, Transport & Mobility Leuven NV and TNO  in a consortium coordinated by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Open source

HIGH-TOOL has developed an open source, flexible model and user friendly tool that can be used for European and National transport policy impact assessments.  HIGH-TOOL is unique since it covers very much detail on all relevant aspects (economic, social and environmental), covers a very broad scope of policies that can be assessed and still has a very short run-time. The HIGH-TOOL model is introduced successively during the project in order to facilitate the participation of users. Its development has been divided into three stages: prototype, pre-final version and final version.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure at the end of June. More information of the initiative which, among others, is driven by the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure can be found here.


To support clean and sustainable mobility we measure, analyze and model vehicle and transport emissions, and relate them to technologies. For effective policies behavioral and economic aspects are taken into account. In addition we contribute to the strategy for the mainport region of the future, to the application of ICT for optimizing logistic chains and to the design, planning and management of common logistic processes.
TNO is one of the partners in the EU project HIGH-TOOL. TNO provided input  for the development of the elasticity based modeling of freight supply and demand and was responsible for the development of the Economic and Resource (ECR) module.   The ECR module uses a.o. regional demographic and labour data, transport costs, passenger demand and vehicle stock as input from other HIGH-TOOL modules to generate economic output and environmental data.  Finally, TNO team was in charge of testing and validation of results of the whole strategic high level transport model.


Sustainable Transport and Logistics

In the Sustainable Transport & Logistics department, we help make the transportation of goods and people more efficient and sustainable. In the logistics sector, we help accelerate innovation by conducting... Read more


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