TNO’er honoured internationally for his contribution to the reliability and optimisation of telecom networks

14 Sep 2017

On 7 September TNO’er Hans van den Berg received the Arne Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award.

This is an honour presented each year during the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) to a person who has made an exceptional contribution to the world of telecommunication over the years.
Hans has been given this award in recognition of his excellent research towards reliability and performance optimisation of communication networks.

Hans has been working in this field at TNO since 2002. He is also professor at the University of Twente where he is currently undertaking research, as at TNO, on the reliability and performance needed to realise the next generation (5G) mobile networks.
This next generation of networks is expected to be able to support the critical, highly demanding mobile communication services that are required for applications like autonomous driving, virtual reality and robot controllers in industry.

We congratulate Hans on this prestigious award.


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