TNO nominated for European prize for Peijnenburg zero

27 Sep 2017

Peijnenburg was aiming at a reduction of 40% sugar content in its traditional breakfast cake when it joined a research consortium led by TNO. At the end of the three-year project, a  sugar-free breakfast cake had been achieved that still retained the desirable sponginess, moistness and softness of the cake. The product was launched commercially in late 2015 and is currently a huge commercial success for Peijnenburg, with a household penetration of 13% (expected to grow to 25% by 2020).

On 11 October, the annual EARTO Innovation Awards will be announced at an official ceremony in Brussels and TNO is among the remaining three finalists. The prize has been awarded by EARTO since 2009 to stimulate the innovative work of Research and Technology Organisations and to demonstrate their importance to the European economy.

Reformulation of food

The food industry is increasingly under pressure to improve the nutritional profile of its products, by reducing the amount of salt, sugar and fat or increasing the fibre contents. TNO takes a multidisciplinary approach to translating fundamental knowledge of the functionalities and interactions in ingredients during food processing into practical reformulation guidelines.

For the development of Peijnenburg Zero, TNO developed a patented model that uses the molecular properties of different sugar and sweetener ingredients to predict the essential quality parameters of bakery products. The physical model was also converted into a practical tool that calculates proto-recipes on the basis of desired composition and quality. This tool is instrumental to product developers who first define specific requirements with respect to quality and composition.

EARTO and Peijnenburg

The European Association of Research and Technology - EARTO - was founded in 1999 and represents the interests of more than 350 European research and technology organisations within European political institutions and European R&D and research programmes.

Peijenburg is Dutch market leader for traditional cake products, with a household penetration of 40%.


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