70 years partnership in Defence Research

16 Jan 2018

This year, we are looking back at 70-year partnership between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and TNO. It was back in 1947 that Defence Research was structurally handed over to TNO. During this time, this partnership has realized many wonderful research results and applications for the MoD.

To celebrate this success, various activities were organised in the Fall. A special logo was developed to mark these festive occasions. The logo, and in particular the dynamic zero, stands symbol for the powerful light that shines on the knowledge landscape this long-term cooperation brings along.

In November, we took a moment to reflect on 70 years defence research with a special symposium. Here, we showed the benefits of long term partnership between TNO and the MoD. This event took place in the historic setting of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg and with special guest Chief of Defence (CHOD), Rob Bauer.

Following, in December, we paid attention to 70 years defence research at Innovation in Defence. Successes from the past and present werel celebrated and a perspective on the future presented. The development of our research and insights in future progress will had a central place during this event.

Do you want to learn more about 70 Years of Defence Research? Check out the online time line and the special movie where leading TNO scientists run you through the exiting past, present and future of Defence Research.

70 Years of Defence Research


History, present and Future of Defence Research


Vlog of symposium '70 years of Defensce Research'

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