Broadband Forum takes reins of highly regarded Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar from TNO

New partnership will see Broadband Forum lead and grow the event with TNO playing a supporting role to ensure continuity and ongoing success • 18 Oct 2018

Broadband Forum today announced it will take the lead in organizing the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar 2019 as it entered into a new partnership with TNO.
A presentation is delivered during the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar 2018

Focused on thought leadership, innovation and sharing best industry practices for mass broadband deployment, the three-day Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar has established a reputation for excellence and built a strong following over its ten-year history. Last year’s event attracted around 150 attendees, and included operators, regulators, R&D engineers, equipment manufacturers, analysts and standards organizations from around the globe.

TNO and Broadband Forum have agreed that, starting in 2019, Broadband Forum will take the lead in organizing the annual seminar – which will continue to take place in The Hague – while TNO will stay on board as a partner to ensure continuity in the quality of the program and content of the event.

“The Broadband Forum and TNO have collaborated over many years to develop this world-class broadband seminar and I’m delighted that TNO will remain a key part of this event going forward,” said Kevin Foster, Chairman of the Broadband Forum. “I look forward to future events in the beautiful city of The Hague which will be based on TNO’s successful recipe honed over the last decade.”

Broadband Forum has been a co-organizer of the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar since its inception in 2009. Transferring the organization of the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar from Dutch technology institute TNO to Broadband Forum will widen the global audience for the event.

Berry Vetjens, Director Market ICT at TNO said: “Offering a range of keynote speeches and break-out sessions, the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar has always proved very popular and in evaluations the seminar scores are consequently very high for overall content and networking opportunities. With Broadband Forum’s standing in the industry and its wide scope of work and membership, we are confident that this new agreement will see the event reach new heights and secure its continued success for many years to come.”

The Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar 2019 will be held in The Hague from June 25 to 27. For more information, about the event and to view video highlights from the Ultra-fast Broadband Seminar 2018, please see:


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