TNO and Madaster give circular building a boost

04 Oct 2018

Up to half of all the annual material requirements in the Netherlands is used by the building sector. A challenge for the circular economy. To promote circular building, TNO and Madaster will exchange data for use in existing and new products and models, thereby better matching the supply and demand of materials used in the built environment. This should accelerate the emergence of a circular economy in building and construction.

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At the Innovation Expo the two parties signed a partnership agreement in which collaboration should lead to an enrichment of databases through more data and more detailed data. The aim is to link both databases so that a complete picture of the supply and demand of materials in the Dutch built environment can be created and a circular economy set up by the building and construction industry.

Zoom in on building level

Madaster founder Thomas Rau is enthusiastic: "As an independent research organisation TNO has developed a strong tool with the BOB model that provides good insight into the materials present in the Dutch built environment in a certain region. Collaboration with Madaster makes it possible to zoom in at building level. Linking our databases results in more and detailed information so that well-founded choices can be made in the area of demolition, renovation or reuse. Circular building based on facts."

Accelerating digital insight into building materials

"Madaster offers a very accessible system. Through our collaboration we accelerate the digital insight of building materials in the built environment. The combination of Madaster's specific data with the large amount of data on building materials processed in our BOB model means that we can work together to accelerate towards the required insight," adds Marinke Wijngaard, TNO unit director of Circular Economy & Environment.

Madaster, online library of building materials

Madaster acts as an online library in which materials and buildings are documented, as well as land partitioning and land ownership in the land registry. From Madaster everyone can have a materials passport made of his building(s). This makes for easier reuse of materials, encourages smart design and eliminates waste.

BOB model can forecast supply and demand for demolition materials

TNO's BOB model (BOuwmaterialen in Beeld) provides a large-scale estimate of materials present in the Dutch built environment. This is combined with demand forecasts for these materials based on EIB construction, demolition and renovation scenarios. In addition, the model shows the environmental footprint of the potential reuse.


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