Gexcon and TNO to join forces in safety software market

17 Dec 2018

TNO has entered into an agreement with Norway’s Gexcon AS to create a joint venture to exclusively market TNO’s Safety Software, comprising the software packages EFFECTS and RISKCURVES. The joint venture, named Gexcon Netherlands BV, will be based in the Netherlands under the operational control of Gexcon. TNO will hold a minority stake in the newly formed entity.

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Innovated with TNO

The Safety Software has been developed and marketed by TNO since 1980. Its use and benefits will complement Gexcon’s current offerings in the field of safety and risk management software, consulting and training. The Safety Software gives Gexcon’s customer base, including safety professionals active in the Oil & Gas industry and at major hazard facilities, an easy-to-use, affordable tool that helps to calculate and analyse the effects of loss-of-containment scenarios. This will enable them to mitigate in advance the possible impact of such scenarios becoming reality.

Natural fit with existing Gexcon range

For Gexcon, the joint venture with TNO is a natural extension of its already strong position in the traditional Oil & Gas market with software tools like FLACS and Shell’s FRED, SHEPERD and PIPA. The deal will enable Gexcon to strengthen its market position and product range to the onshore process industry where TNO’s current offerings have a strong position and are well acknowledged.

Tech transfer

The joint venture with Gexcon fits TNO’s tech transfer policy. The Safety Software is currently in such a stage of development that it will benefit more from being part of a private entity than from remaining a part of the TNO organisation. In order to ensure a smooth transition for current customers and to safeguard the knowledge level regarding the software, Gexcon Netherlands BV will take on TNO’s current team involved in the development, support and sales of the software. Also, the current international customer base of the Safety Software will be serviced by Gexcon Netherlands. TNO and Gexcon refrain from disclosing the financial details of the transaction.

Home base in the heart of the Netherlands

The new entity’s home base will be near the Dutch city of Utrecht, conveniently located in the heart of the Netherlands. It has strong rail- and road connections to many important customer centers in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam as well as those located in Germany’s industrialised Ruhr area.

World-leading partner

Gexcon AS is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling. Gexcon’s detailed knowledge of explosion phenomena has been built up throughout years of extensive research projects, carrying out safety assessments, performing accident investigations and performing physical testing at the company's own dedicated facilities on the Norwegian island of Sotra, outside Bergen.

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