TNO and imec work together on smart solutions for accessible and liveable cities

23 May 2018

TNO and imec have entered into a multi-year partnership to develop innovations for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, so that cities will remain liveable and accessible in the future. Urban liveability is becoming increasingly complex due to increasing population growth, tougher government sustainability targets, requirements for CO2-neutral transport and new technological challenges such as 'Mobility as a Service'. Thanks to the collaboration, cities are being given accurate insight into the current situation in their city, and the possibility to predict in advance the effects of future measures on traffic flow, air quality and level of noise pollution.

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imec, global player in the field of R&D for microchip, sensor developments and digital technology, and TNO, global player in the field of digital technology, environment and traffic and transport, are going to develop new modules for 'Digital Twins' in collaboration with cities. These modules provide a better assessment framework and action perspective for complex urban decision-making.

Bridging physical and digital world

TNO  has developed Urban Strategy, a simulation platform to improve integrated decision-making on spacial planning and mobility planning in cities. This platform also lends itself perfectly to a 'Digital Twin' that bridges the gap between the physical and digital world. 'Digital Twin' combines real-time sensor information with simulations based on models and algorithms, and is made on the basis of TNO's Urban Strategy simulation platform and the data from the imec sensors.

Initial results

The initial results of the collaboration will be shown in Europe's largest IoT living lab, City of Things, in Antwerp. In this multifunctional field lab, imec, the City of Antwerp, the Port Authority and the University of Antwerp are working together on new digital applications for impact at urban level. TNO and imec have been working together since 2005 in the Holst Centre in Eindhoven, which they founded to focus on wireless sensor systems, connected health solutions and flexible electronics for applications such as 'Internet of Things'. The new cooperation in the field of Smart Cities complements this.


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