Reducing food wastage in India

18 Jun 2018

No less than 40% of the harvest withers away before it can reach the supermarket shelves in the Indian cities. FoodTechIndia reduces food wastage through the establishment of an improved supply and cold chain for fruits and vegetables. TNO developed an innovative solar cooling technology.

Role TNO

Since 2015 we work in partnership with Broekman Logistics, Future Consumer Limited, Rijk Zwaan, TNO, Larive International, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on improvement of the supply and cold chain. As partner in FoodTechIndia TNO has performed an analysis of available decentralized cooling technologies. We also developed a new technology better fitting the local context at farmer level with respect to robustness, functionality and affordability. However, within the consortium it was decided not to apply this TNO solar cooling technology. Other options were chosen to reduce the food waste and optimize the Indian food cold chain.

Innovative solar cooling technology

The TNO solar cooling technology is based on solid sorbent salt cooling and utilizes low level solar heat, enabling standalone fully sustainable generation of cold energy. After a successful proof of principle TNO is currently working with another company to further scale up and apply the technology for decentralized food warehouses, domestic and industrial air-conditioning applications. This will increase the income for small-scale farmers and create access to affordable nutritious food to all consumers in urban areas.


Leon Stille MSc

  • Biogas
  • gasification
  • gas cleaning
  • gas seperation
  • Renewable gas

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