Optical Satcom Day about worldwide high-speed & secure communication

07 Nov 2019

Today, we held TNO Optical Satcom Day in Delft. This conference brought together technology leaders from the major industry players, research institutes and institutional organisations to discuss recent developments, future challenges, and technology road maps for Optical Satellite communication. Therefore, this event was also a network opportunity. TNO, its partners and invited speakers showed the latest achievements in high-throughput optical ground stations, free-space QKD systems and multi-beam optical terminals.
TNO Optical SatCom Day 2019

"We want to enable worldwide secure broadband connectivity, by developing optical terminals on various platforms, for leading industries and organisations. And we try to involve the Dutch high-tech industry in these international value chains, as this is a major business opportunity for the Netherlands. We have a unique combination in our country: TNO’s track record in optical space instruments, and the high tech sector that is able to produce the series.” says Kees Buijsrogge, TNO Director of Space and Scientific Instrumentation. “At the moment more than 60 researchers at TNO are working on the development of this form of communication. Today we could demonstrate where we stand in this development, and discuss future steps.”


We enable industries and users to realise their desired next generation communication terminals, networks and services. Contact Niel Truyens for development of:

  • Ground terminals: including optical bench assemblies and adaptive optics technologies
  • Optical heads for satellite terminals: including fine steering mirrors and compact optics
  • Air terminals for laser communication with geostationary satellite: including optical heads which are highly stable and have precise pointing
  • Customised RF lenses and phased array antenna systems: including beam-forming networks and monolithic microwave integrated circuits.

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