Gas analysis instrument based on smart Raman spectroscopy design is significantly more cost-effective

03 Dec 2019

TNO has made a completely new design for the optical Raman spectrometer. This makes it possible to analyse gases using an instrument that is significantly smaller and cheaper than the conventional gas chromatograph. This gives a new impetus to the production of clean gases such as hydrogen, which can make an important contribution to the energy transition.

The much improved technology has been licensed by Hobré Instruments. TNO has been working with this innovative and leading company that is internationally active in the process analyser technology market for many years. The main customers are in the energy sector and in the food industry. The licence allows Hobré Instruments to enter new markets such as biogas, hydrogen, ammonia and methanol production as well as strengthen its position in markets such as gas turbine control and combustible gas analysis.

Unique invention

The technology is based on a unique TNO invention that is patented. This was initially intended for the analysis of liquids and solids for medical applications, but has been further developed by TNO into a technology for the very precise measurement of gas composition.

Thanks to the completely new design of the spectrometer, this instrument for gas analysis can be produced in large numbers at a much reduced cost. Hobré Instruments sees great opportunities for this in the energy domain. As a licensee, the company will use the TNO technology in the field of energetic gases and the production of hydrogen.


Hobré Instruments has been an established name in the production and supply of on-line analysis instruments and sample systems for decades. The company operates worldwide from its head office in Purmerend and branches in Houston and Szeged. The Raman spectrometer is a perfect addition to the existing analysis tools that the company supplies. Hobré Instruments will continue to work closely with TNO to further explore the technology for other applications in the energy domain.

Gas network of the future

TNO plays an important role in the changes in the production and transport of gas in the Netherlands and abroad. For example, the network must be prepared for other gas compositions through the integration of green gas, LNG, Russian gas and, in the future, hydrogen. TNO develops innovative gas composition sensors and dynamic network models so that the gas network can be better deployed and maintained. We work with grid operators and industry to make the gas grid suitably ready for the challenges of the future.


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