SPIKE starts collaboration with TNO Powertrains on enhanced algorithms for improved battery performance

23 Dec 2019

SPIKE and TNO have recently started collaborating on the topic of enhanced algorithms for improved battery performance and safety. Due to the innovative nature of this collaboration, an NWO Take-off grant has been awarded to explore the commercialisation of these algorithms into SPIKE’s products.

For years now TNO Powertrains in Helmond has been conducting research into the powertrains of electric vehicles, in which traction batteries have recently been the subject of increasing attention. TNO’s battery research has specifically been investigating how battery utilisation can be optimised in terms of performance, lifetime and safety.

SPIKE Technologies develops and produces battery modules for a wide variety of applications, primarily focused on electric vehicles. SPIKE, which has recently moved to the Automotive Campus in Helmond, originates from team STORM Eindhoven, a project in which the team circled the globe in 80 days on an electric motorcycle it developed on its own.  

The collaboration between SPIKE and TNO targets the integration of innovative software into the battery management system (BMS) of SPIKE’s battery modules. The BMS is the brain of a battery, whose tasks involve monitoring the internal battery cells and communication of this data to a central system. By using the algorithms developed in the research with TNO, SPIKE can estimate the state of charge of a battery with extreme precision, enabling much more accurate predictions of the battery’s state of charge. Additionally, the algorithms and models enable a more precise estimation of the state of health of batteries, which can be used to optimise and thus increase the lifetime of each battery depending on its specific application. Finally, these health predictions make it possible to accurately predict the end-of-life of a battery, and how it can optimally be used in a second use case.

This joint project is an example of transferring knowledge from research to commercial application. Both TNO and SPIKE are aiming for long-term collaboration on the topic to further accelerate the transition towards safe and sustainable electric mobility.