Automation is the key, states TNO in the sixth edition of Cyber Security Perspectives

12 Mar 2019

Cyber security has frequently dominated the news in the past year. This is partly due to major DDoS attacks that shut down the online traffic of several major Dutch banks and to two serious Intel vulnerabilities, Spectre and Meltdown. Within the landscape of security threats, we are seeing a shift from the individual hacker towards advanced hacker groups and state actors. In addition, the explosive growth in the number of smart devices is also creating new vulnerabilities in people’s living environments. This and more are evident in the sixth edition of European Cyber Security Perspectives, published today.

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This sixth edition, initiated by KPN, includes contributions from TNO, the Dutch Police, Deloitte, Kaspersky Labs Benelux, Hack in the Box, Accenture, Checkpoint, AnalyzeData, PWC, ID Quantique, the Pirate Party, Leiden University, Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Illinois, TU Delft, KPN and the University of Amsterdam spin-off QuSoft.

TNO and cyber security

What this year’s DDoS attacks on banks have made painfully clear is that it is relatively simple to shut down the services of a large company. Despite heavy investments in their cyber defences, most organisations are unable to keep pace with the constant evolution of threats and methods of attack. TNO’s article states that extensive automation of security operations will play an important role in bridging the gap between defenders and attackers. There is still much to be gained in this area and TNO actively contributes innovative concepts and solutions to it through its spearhead ‘automated security’.

About European Cyber Security Perspectives 2019

European Cyber Security Perspectives is a partnership between the National Police, the National Cyber Security Centre (of the Ministry of Justice and Security) and a large number of companies and educational institutions that include KPN. KPN has brought these parties together. The idea behind this is that cooperation and knowledge sharing are essential in the field of cyber security. The purpose of the report is to share this knowledge with a wider audience.

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