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15 Jul 2019

What better day to launch a 3D chocolate printer than Sunday July 7 2019 - World Chocolate Day! And that’s exactly what one of the world’s largest snacks companies, Mondelēz International did recently in Australia.

Although not everyone may be familiar with the name Mondelēz, for sure everyone knows and enjoys their products such as Milka, Cadbury, and Côte d’Or. Over the last 4,5 years Mondelēz has worked closely together with Dutch research and technology organisation TNO on the 3D printing of chocolate.

TNO has carried out 3D printing research on a range of different Mondelēz chocolate materials, developed prototype 3D printers, assisted with chocolate design challenges, and helped Mondelēz shifting from laboratory to in-store application.

Printing technology

Contrary to what you may think, printing chocolate and doing it well is not that simple. Temperature changes during printing can influence the texture of the printed chocolate, resulting in a product that may have the looks, but not the taste you expect and love. Additionally, printing at higher speeds for the in-store concept that Mondelēz has launched in Australia, posed some other challenges. Finally, designs had to be created that would appeal to customers, whilst still being printable. Suffice it to say that after a lot of hard work from many parties, the printed chocolate available in store offers unique designs in the same high-quality Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate consumers love!

3D food printing by TNO

TNO has been engaged in 3D food printing for years. The market introduction of 3D printed chocolate by Mondelēz already constitutes the third market introduction of 3D printed food by a TNO partner. German candy manufacturer Katjes launched their Magic Candy Factory gum candy printer in 2015, followed by Italian pasta giant Barilla who started selling their 3D printed pasta through spinoff company BluRhapsody in 2017.

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We are sure 3D food printing still has plenty more to offer, so if you are interested in 3D food printing, please contact us at Daniel van der Linden.


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