TNO shows Land, Air and Navy forces the latest innovative test platforms at DSEI

28 Aug 2019

How can you protect yourself against an underbelly blast in a vehicle? Or an airblast in a ship? How do you deal with disruptions and calamities on a ship? Answers to these questions and more can be found on September 10-13, at the TNO stand at DSEI in London. Here, we put research and innovation at the front line for our industry partners.

Meet us at DSEI stand N9-400

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TNO, part of the Holland Pavilion at DSEI

We're excited to be exhibiting at DSEI and show our innovation and research capabilities to the Air, Land, Naval, Security & Joint sectors. At DSEI, at our stand N9-400 and as part of the Holland Pavilion, we invite the international community of Defence & Security to watch and learn about our test facilities and capacities that help to protect our society in a world with fast moving technological development.

Reduced weight protects against underbelly blast loading

Protection of military vehicles significantly contributes to its mass. That’s why TNO and The Netherlands MoD have been investigating fiber reinforced composite materials since2015, as reduced weight solution for protection of vehicles against underbelly blast loading. The latest vehicle floor panel shown at the TNO stand is one of the first full composite specimen manufactured in an autoclave process and tested at a typical IED load condition for underbelly blast, at half scale.

Lightweight door for protection in the air

Anti-Ship Missiles exploding inside a ship can cause major damage due to fragments, high blast pressures and resulting fires. Damage can be mitigated with blast and fragment-resistant bulkheads and doors, but this can imply a large weight penalty which is often not acceptable. Together with Van Dam, TNO will exhibit a brand new, high performance, lightweight, 10 bar blast test proven Nadam 4 MkII door in the helicopter hangar. This new blast door will be on show in the Naval Zone of the DSEI, onboard HNLMS Zeeland – P841, a Holland class Ocean Going Patrol Vessel (OPV) of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The do’s and dont’s in team-ship collaboration

Soldiers on a ship or in a vehicle need to constantly cooperate with their work environment to be effective in their operations. But how exactly do you deal with disruptions and calamities on a ship? How do you know what works or what doesn't work? With the Internal Battle Lab (IBL), TNO and the Dutch MoD offer military the possibility to test and experience this complex world. The lab contains (whale) corridors, doors and shutters, cables and network facilities (wireless and wired). Defence and security organisations can bring their projects here and use the lab as test platform for innovation.

TNO brings research and innovation at the front line

The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organization. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. The Defence, safety and security unit of TNO focuses on technological and behavioral innovations across four main areas: Operations & Human Factors, Information & Sensor Systems, National Security, Protection, Munitions & Weapons. TNO is putting its knowledge and technology to work in order to create innovations that can help those who are devoting themselves to our safety and security every day.

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