TNO launches the Risk Management Measures Library

20 Oct 2020

TNO developed an online RMM library named ECEL v3.0. The tool, funded by CEFIC LRI, consists of an occupational and an environmental module which contains risk management measures including their efficacy values to reduce exposure and emission.

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Painter is using precautionary tools to minimise health risks while doing his job.

The ECEL v3.0 tool is user friendly and searchable and contains relevant risk management measures published up to 2020, so it contains up-to-date information. The tool can be used to compare different types of risk management measures or can be used to search for appropriate RMMs for different ERCs or PROCs.

For each risk management measure record included in the library, detailed information about the control measure itself (e-cards) is provided. The tool can be used by regulators and registrants for preparing their REACH dossiers or by other environmental and occupational safety specialists. The tool includes an option to save scenarios and a reporting function.

Are you interested in the quantitative effectiveness of RMMs as a Risk Assessor or Health Safety and Environment professional? Then try out TNO's ECEL v3.0 tool. Or contact us to discover how we can help you create a more healthy and safe workplace.

The tool is freely available from 20 October onwards on here or via the Cefic LRI website.

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