EU-project DRIVER+ launches its full palette of products for crisis management capability development

20 Feb 2020

New threats emerge all the time. It is the scale and pace of these crises that pose enormous challenges for governments, crisis management organisations and industry. Think about climate related crises, such as wildfires, flooding and storms. They increasingly dominate the lives of people in overseas areas, but also in our own and neighbouring countries like this flood list shows. Now, TNO and the other DRIVER+ partners have made available the full palette of new cutting-edge tools and methods to develop crisis management capabilities.

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How to improve crisis management in Europe

The EU-funded DRIVER+ project brought together 34 partners to conduct research, trials, demonstrations, technology assessments and product development for crisis management. Now, at the two-day Final Conference on February 19th and 20th, the partners are presenting and showcasing the results of this successful project. More specifically the pan-European Test-bed for Crisis Management (including the Trial Guidance Methodology) was presented, aimed at deploying systematic trials to evaluate solutions such as flood modelling software or the use of drones for damage assessments. The Portfolio of Solutions (PoS) enables practitioners to find solutions addressing their needs and to share their experiences with these solutions. The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE ) offers a platform for crisis management organisations and professionals to meet, exchange knowledge and foster innovation. Several practitioner-centred organisations will sign a Joint Declaration illustrating their ambition to become a Centre of Expertise, supporting the use and implementation of the DRIVER+ results throughout Europe.

Crisis support in The Netherlands

As the technical coordinator of DRIVER+, TNO was fully involved in the development of the results. By participating in and leading this project, and having the project’s results at our disposal, TNO can continue to support and facilitate the Dutch government and crises management organisations in developing and testing new capabilities and innovations for future threats and disasters.

Next Steps

The effects of climate change and new type of threats keep challenging our society and demand constant innovation and new solutions. TNO will continue to work with other European partners under the EU Horizon Europe program. This way TNO will secure the development and uptake of new innovations supporting the Dutch government in being prepared to known and unknow crises.

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