TNO spin-off brings sports via the internet much closer

17 Feb 2020

TNO has been developing innovative technologies in the field of image recognition and video analysis for decades, both alone and with partners. One of the latest developments is a technology intended for companies that cover live events (such as sports), broadcasters who want to distribute content through multiple channels and advertisers who want to better serve their target groups through unique content.

Also partly thanks to a contract with Livearena, TNO has launched a new spin-off: studio automated BV. Livearena will use the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software of studio automated to fully automate the broadcasting of live sports and corporate TV events over the internet.

Explosive growth of sports and media technology

Consumers are already used to having (video) content available on their mobile phone anytime, anywhere. At the moment, video analysis is mainly used in top-level sports, for example for training purposes. The use of relatively inexpensive hardware in combination with the advanced video technology of studio automated now creates the possibility to make video analysis also available to a wider target group. In this way, more people will be able to easily broadcast their sports events via social media, and contributes to the explosive growth of sports and media technology over the next few years.

Further development into new markets: Safety and Security

The Studio automated BV spin-off focuses primarily on the further development and commercialisation of video analysis software, data science expertise and media distribution technology. Studio automated is now very active in the Sport and Media domain. In the near future the company will also be active in the Safety and Security domain with applications that have already been tested as proof of concept in various projects, including at TNO. Focus areas are: recognising situations, persons and objects with very high accuracy. In-depth knowledge of AI and deep learning at studio automated and TNO will ensure faster real-time pattern recognition applications. For example, by being able to share highlights during live events in Safety and Security, Sport and Media with the right professionals and consumers. In this way, studio automated not only contributes to a safer world, but also boosts content reach for sports enthusiasts at all levels.

TNO is a minority shareholder in the new studio automated BV. If you are interested in contributing to the further commercialisation of this technology, please contact Paul Valk of Studio Automated. For more information visit .

About TNO TechTransfer

Technology Transfer is an important part of TNO's valorisation process and concerns the transfer of technology to the market by setting up new companies. In 2017 TNO started the Tech Transfer programme. The aim of this programme is to bring innovations to the market more quickly, so that they serve business and society more quickly. It is often high-level technology that advances society, stimulates the Dutch business community and creates new jobs. Find more information about the TNO Tech Transfer Programme on the Technology Transfer website.