Andy Court

Principal Business Developer, Space & Scientific Instrumentation EU Manager, High-Tech Industry Unit

Contact me to connect with TNO experts and industry partners in Space & Scientific Instrumentation in the fields of Earth Observation and Laser Satellite Communication.

In addition, as EU Manager, I help facilitate the roadmaps for EU-funded projects for the High-Tech Industry Unit. This includes Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Free-Form Products, Semicon & Quantum, Smart Industry and MKB.

My primary role is to facilitate interactions in this domain. I connect organisations – both national and international – to the right experts that can help bring projects to life, overcome obstacles or gain new insights.

Recently, I helped to set up the European Association of Space Technology Research Organisations (EASTRO) and serve as President. The association aims to give a voice to space RTOs in Europe, towards both the European Commission and to the European Space Association (ESA).

I am also on several committees of the International Astronautical Federation, (IAF) including the Earth Observation, Space Astronomy, Enterprise Risk Management and Satellite Commercial Applications committees.

I am also a corresponding member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA).

I am a Physicist and received my PhD in High-Energy Astrophysics Instrumentation, in particular x-ray/gamma ray detection systems. I have numerous publications in the fields of both Astronomy and Earth Observation instrumentation.

Delft - Stieltjesweg

Stieltjesweg 1
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P.O. Box 155
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