Anne-Maartje den Uijl-Meijman

Anne-Maartje den Uijl-Meijman

Corporate Recruiter
Anne-Maartje den Uijl-Meijman

“Technology – to me it’s something magical!”. For recruiter Anne-Maartje den Uijl, TNO is a fantastic place to work. Hectic. A tad idealistic. Full of wonderful ideas and technologies. And with inspiring colleagues to work with.

Why are you a recruiter, and why at TNO?

“Studying personnel and administration, I came into contact with many different aspects of the HR business. But I found recruitment and selection the most interesting. It’s a social yet professional job, and practical too. For a while I worked at a recruitment agency for architects and civil engineers. Technology – to me it was something magical. It was fascinating to see how happy it could make people, even though I have two left hands. Just when I wanted to change from the agency side of the business to the customer side, TNO came along. On my birthday I heard that I was being invited for an interview. A wonderful present!”

Do you like TNO so much because of your fascination with technology?

“Strangely enough, I don’t work in the most technical part of TNO. I recruit mainly for Earth, Life and Social Sciences. It’s almost absurd, diverse as those specialisms are. There’s never a dull moment. But I would like to know so much more about the disciplines I’m active in. To really understand what my colleagues do. A job as a recruiter at TNO is very diverse. I have a lot of different tasks and projects, all equally important and demanding an equal amount of attention. As well as filling vacancies, there are the events we organize and attend, plus my work for the TNO Career Development Centre.”

In an interview, when do you know you’ve found the right person for TNO?

“Potential TNO employees have a twinkle in their eyes. You can see that they’re passionate, and a tad idealistic. Our people work incredibly hard – not for bonuses, but for the sake of doing a good job. And that pays off: when you think about it, it’s crazy that we manage to achieve so many great things. Knowing whether someone has it in them to excel at TNO is a combination of gut feeling and remaining objective. I also look at reflective ability. What are you good at, and what less so? And how do you think you can improve in those weaker areas?”

What is a great working day for you?

“My day is complete if I manage to bring people together. By putting a prospective employee I’ve met at an event in touch with a fellow recruiter, for example, so that they eventually end up in a great job at TNO. Fantastic!”

What is your insider tip?

“Think in terms of chances and opportunities. And seize them when they cross your path. You’re responsible for your own happiness. In life, and certainly at TNO!”