Bart Jan Peet

Bart Jan Peet

Medior Scientist Innovator
Bart Jan Peet

"A new puzzle every day". Bart Jan Peet is a scientist innovator at Electronic Defence. That field of study really started to interest him when he came into contact with it at TNO.

"At Electronic Defence, we are developing technology that will enable us to control the electromagnetic spectrum for defence purposes. For example, to make naval vessels magnetically invisible to the sensors of sea mines by generating a counter-field with coils on board. For the navy, we design this type of system for new ships.

We are also working on advanced algorithms that control the coils, so that the magnetic invisibility is continuously improved. Other projects I am involved in concern the infrared radiation of naval vessels. Missiles can use this as a basis for determining their direction.

We investigate how the temperature of the ship's hull develops as a result of changing conditions, such as the weather. Furthermore, my colleagues and I carry out calculations to identify the effects of wind farms on radar systems on behalf of wind developers and defence."

Applied Physics

"I studied Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology where I specialised in Medical imaging. I considered doing a PhD on this and worked at the university as a research assistant for a while after my studies, but a job at TNO attracted me more. They wanted me there on the basis of my CV.

TNO is an interesting employer because of the wide variety of topics you are involved in. What's also important to me is that you don't work here in isolation but in collaboration with other disciplines. I quickly learned about the subject matter. By deepening my knowledge of related research, but especially by participating in projects from the very beginning. That was an enjoyable and instructive process."

Different Worlds

"I find it fascinating and challenging that TNO has so much expertise in a wide range of disciplines. This allows you to quickly learn to toggle between different worlds. I have been working at TNO for two and a half years now. You get a lot of freedom here to determine your own direction and to engage in research that interests you. You have to work on that yourself. It helps if you know the organisation well."

Translation bridge

"Whether or not I have a great day is largely determined by the content of the work. I prefer to solve a new puzzle every day. Moving a step further in a research project gives a lot of satisfaction. I now have a substantive role, and that gives me a good feeling. In the long run, I would like to work a little more at the front-end of projects.

Think along with the client about solving his problem, about the structure of the research. In this way you translate fundamental research into what the client needs. This is a role you gradually slip in to, I think. I don't want to specialise yet. It is precisely the diversity of subjects that makes my job so fascinating."

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