Davide Mores

Davide Mores

Business Developer / Consultant
Davide Mores

The goal of my work is to support businesses to improve their competitiveness without compromising on safety with my expertise in Dangerous Chemistry & Explosion Safety.

Davide Mores is consultant and business developer within the Energetic Material department. He has years of chemical industry experience and woks actively in the field of Process Safety related to Dangerous Chemistry.  These activities mainly involve dangerous energetic reactions, processes operating at extreme conditions and explosion safety assessments. The work is essential to identify potential risks and prevent industrial, logistics and warehousing incidents.

  • Customized Testing (compatibility, permeability, chemical conversions … ) involving:
  • Dangerous chemicals (acids, peroxides, gasses, …)
  • Harsh experimental conditions ( High P, High T, Cryogenic, …)
  • Explosion safety (Hydrocarbons, Fluorinated chemicals, Ammonium Nitrate, …)
  • Energy Infrastructure Safety (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol … )
  • Sustainability (Conversion of dangerous waste-streams into safe valuable chemicals)
  • Efficiency (Expanding Operational Window of existing processes)
  • Incident Investigation & Consultancy

Den Haag - Ypenburg

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P.O. Box 480
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