Jasper van der Waa

Jasper van der Waa

Scientist Human-AI Collaboration
Jasper van der Waa

For humans and AI applications to function effectively and responsibly, they need to collaborate. My research revolves around shaping that human-AI collaboration.

Research area

When we apply Artificial Intelligence in our society, it has to do its task effectively and responsibly while constantly interacting with humans. To support this, my research focuses on how humans and AI can truly collaborate, to optimally leverage the capabilities of both human and AI. Hence, I specialize on designing and developing human-AI collaboration and allowing AI to explain themselves (Explainable AI). Throughout my work my goal is to allow others to operationalize my knowledge to ensure an effective and responsible use of AI in our society. I do this for a variety of sectors, including Defense, Healthcare, Energy and Maritime.

Recent results

In 2022, I received my PhD degree Cum Laude from Delft University of Technology. This research revolved around a multidisciplinary approach to Explainable AI while considering human factors, ethical implications and technological constraints. This research was done at TNO, for which I won the Young Excellent Researcher Award 2022 due to the societal impact of this applied research. The last few years I organized several hackathons, workshops, and symposia to facilitate the knowledge transfer between academia and society. To advance the research on human-AI collaboration, I developed an open-source software– called MATRX – that is in use by TU Delft, MIT, and the University of Michigan for teaching and research purposes.

Top publications

I have been involved in publications, such as First global summit on AI in the military domain. My top publications are listed below.


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