José Kerstholt

José Kerstholt

Principal Scientist at TNO and Professor at University of Twente on Behavioral Decision Making
José Kerstholt

My research area is human decision making in the context of safety. A main finding in this field is that human decision making skills are far from optimal. Most of our decisions are made intuitively, based on incomplete knowledge, and with limited reflection. Despite these insights however, decision makers themselves are generally quite confident about the accuracy of their decisions.

Professorship chair

Behavioural decision making (University of Twente).

Research area

In complex environments decisions are often not made individually, but in groups. In dealing with a crisis or in fighting organized crime, for example, several organizations need to make decisions collaboratively. Collaborative decision making is even more complex, as different goals, interests and knowledge need to be taken into account. Even though collaborations have the potential to lead to better decisions, this potential is often underused.

My ambition is to increase our understanding of mechanisms underlying human decision making, to make professionals and citizens more aware of decision biases and to increase accuracy through innovative decision support and technology. I specifically focus on collaboration in fighting organized crime and crisis management and on how decision making is affected by artificial intelligence. As such this ambition concurs with the TNO goal to increase societal safety.

Top publications

  • Kox, E. S., Kerstholt, J. H., Hueting, T. F., & De Vries, P. W. (2021). Trust repair in human-agent teams: the effectiveness of explanations and expressing regret. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 35(2), 1-20.
  • Schreurs, W., José, H. K., de Vries, P. W., & Giebels, E. (2020). Community resilience and crime prevention: Applying the Community Engagement Theory to the risk of crime. IDRiM Journal, 9(2), 70-88.


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