Jozef Hooman

Professor Model-based Development Embedded Software

Detecting errors early in the development process reduces the effort to obtain high-quality software.

Research area

The goal of the research is to improve the development of software that is embedded in high-tech systems. The general approach is to use models of the software and its environment to allow early analysis of requirements and design decisions. Detecting errors early in the development process reduces the effort to obtain high-quality software.

Additional benefits can be obtained by generating code from high-level models, including an improvement of software maintenance. Recent techniques to create a Domain Specific Language (DSL) have proven to effective in the development of embedded software.

A DSL provides a single source from which a large number of artefacts can be generated, such as analysis models, code, tests, and documentation. This research is strongly related to ESI’s mission to create innovations that support the competitive strength of the high-tech industry.

Recent results

The DSL technology has been used to create the ComMA approach for the rich specification of interfaces, including a protocol state machine and time constraints. Powerful tooling has been developed to analyze specifications and to allow monitoring of interfaces. ComMA is currently used by a few high-tech companies. In 2021, the ComMA tooling has been made publicly available in the open-source project CommaSuite of the Eclipse Foundation. Additional features have been added, such as simulation and test generation.

Top publications

  • Kurtev, M. Schuts, J. Hooman, and D.-J. Swagerman. Integrating interface modeling and analysis in an industrial setting. In Proc. 5th Int. Conf. on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD 2017), pages 345–352, 2017
  • Nägele, J. Hooman, T. Broenink, and J. Broenink. CoHLA: Design space exploration and co-simulation made easy. In Proc. IEEE Conference on Industrial Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS 2018), pages 225–231. IEEE, 2018
  • Akesson, J. Hooman, J. Sleuters, and A. Yankov. Reducing design time and promoting evolvability using domain-specific languages in an industrial context. In Model Management and Analytics for Large Scale Systems, chapter 10, pages 245–272. Academic Press, Elsevier, 2019.

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