Roland Blonk

Professor Labour Expertise and Inclusive Innovation of Work

Behavior change and the role of self-efficacy beliefs is my expertise. This expertise is translated, used and combined with other disciplines to develop integral and system oriented interventions to arrive at an inclusive labor market.

Research area

Municipalities and private companies are the main partners in this endeavor, focusing on unemployed, low skilled workers inclusive entrepreneurship and professional guidance. Developing and implementing diagnostic systems, interventions and inclusive technology focused on individuals and employers, to enhance professionalism and evidence based practice in this field are the main means to attain our goal.

Recent results

In recent years carefully built on visibility and network. This has led to several large and prolonged cooperation paid by municipalities and companies, in addition to four ZonMW applications accepted, three EU-funded projects (ESF and ERDF), one project by Institute GAK. On the recommendation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, our VP funding was increased by 50%.  In recent years, the number of colleagues working on this topic has grown from five to twenty-five, with multiple backgrounds and from different departments, functioning as a network. Two chairs have been set up: the Chair of Labour Expertise at Tilburg University in 2017 and the Chair of North West University, South Africa. A large number of cities base their Social Domain approach on our model, including The Hague and Tilburg, the third and sixth largest city in the Netherlands. The sector organisation Divosa, the professional association BvK, TNO, Tilburg University and twelve municipalities, are working on the creation of a Community of Practice, aimed at knowledge development and knowledge sharing.

PhD supervision

  • Ilonka Eekhoudt (TiU) (arbeidsdeskundige) - RIV_ toets en inclusief werkgeversgedrag. Promotiejaar 2022. (co-promotoren: dr S Oomens (HAN), dr F Slebus (UWV))
  • Suzanne van Hees (HAN/TiU) - Preventie van werk gerelateerde psychische klachten 2022. (co-promotoren: dr S Oomens (HAN), dr B Carlier (HAN))
  • Amber Kersten 2020 - 2024 (TNO/TiU) - Employer behavior regarding inclusion and development of vulnerable workers. ((co-)promotoren: prof M van Woerkom (TiU), dr G Geuskens (TNO))
  • Lydia in t Hout (TiU) (arbeidsdeskundige) Arbeidsdeskundige risico inventarisatie op recidief verzuim na werkhervatting bij werknemers met veelvoorkomende psychische klachten. (co-promotoren: dr. S Oomens (HAN), xx (TiU))
  • Joep Binkhorst (TiU). werkzame elementen van arbeidsparticipatietrajecten voor mensen met een grote mate van psychische kwetsbaarheid ((co-)promotoren: prof M van Veldhoven (TiU); dr J Dikkers (UU))

Top publications

  • Lagerveld, S. E., Brenninkmeijer, V., Blonk, R. W., Twisk, J., & Schaufeli, W. B. (2017). Predictive value of work-related self-efficacy change on RTW for employees with common mental disorders. Occup Environ Med74(5), 381-383.
  • Blonk, R.W.B. (2018; 2019). We zijn nog maar net begonnen / We have only just started. Inaugural lecture. Tilburg University: Tilburg. NWU: Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.
  • Huijs, J. J., Houtman, I. L., Taris, T. W., & Blonk, R. W. (2019). Effect of a participative action intervention program on reducing mental retirement. BMC public health19(1), 194.

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