Access to water

Water is crucial for improving farming, health and life quality. More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and almost 3 billion people lack adequate sanitation.

This water sector in low-income groups represent a market value of $ 20 billion (The Next 4 Billion, IFC/WR). Demand for safe and affordable drinking water in developing countries is expected to increase significantly, especially in urban environments. Household level solutions use filters and disinfectants to treat bacteriological pollution, while community level solutions apply more complex technologies to purify water polluted with chemicals, heavy metals or brakish water. These solutions require more skill to operate, and often need access to electricity. Decentralized water purification solutions are developing-country specific technologies, as virtually all Western drinking water is centrally purified. Typically, NGO’s provide water or purification devices to the needy for free. This is often argued to disrupt the market for financially sustainable solutions. Especially in kiosks, new business models are emerging.

The focus of TNO is on creating access to clean drinking water by developing applied purification technologies on household level and community level. Solutions are affordable, functional and accessible for the poor.


Integrated Water Resources Management in Limpopo Basin

OXFAM launched an inclusive water governance program in the Limpopo Basin in Zimbabwe. TNO and partners added value with an innovative integrated approach by combining biophysical data, socio-economic... Read more
Our work

Excellent water provision for communities in Tanzania

The Networking WASH project (Nwash) introduces the concept of an independent mini-network operator which will provide 230,000 people with safe water within the coming five years. Role for TNO is to develop... Read more


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