Globally, an estimated 287.000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth in 2010, a decline of 47% from levels in 1990. Causes include poor health status of women and insufficient access to skilled routine and emergency care (UN, 2012).

The maternal mortality ratio in developing regions is still 15 times higher than in the developed regions. Accelerated interventions are required in order to meet the target of the Millennium Development Goals. TNO is focusing on mother and child care in Suriname and Africa. Beside monitoring of causes we also implement interventions. Centering Pregnancy, E-health and diagnosis on the spot are important ingredients. Extra attention is paid to the health of young woman who want to become pregnant. The basis for a healthy pregnancy is already partly in puberty, e.g. malnutrition or unhealthy lifestyles have a major impact on pregnancy. Our approach focuses also on adolescent girls. We host the secretariat for the global network "Preparing for life".


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