“I’m always looking for someone's added value”

How can your specific knowledge and experience enhance TNO? That is the crucial question in every job interview to which Petra de Bruijn looks for an answer.

The perfect match. That's what you always aim for as a recruiter. Finding just that one pearl in a tight labour market. The candidate who has exactly the knowledge and experience that the research team still lacks.

“I am always looking for added value: how can you, with what you have to offer, help the organisation move ahead a step? Not only in terms of expertise but also through your personality. You have to be communicatively strong and also able to work well together. And above all, be open-minded and curious: could this also be different or better?”

Passion for innovation

“The great thing about working at TNO is that you always work on an issue for which the market has not yet found a solution. Pushing the limits of technology. When it comes to applied research, TNO is truly unique.

“I recruit talent for Defence, Safety & Security where we work with partners to realise cross-disciplinary solutions for the complex security challenges of today and tomorrow. Those who work here form a mixed group of people with one common denominator: a passion for innovation and applied research. The studies we are doing here are so diverse. Every research project is innovative and socially relevant, and everyone contributes to safety and security in their own way.”

Follow your heart

“I only have one piece of advice for those who come to work at TNO: be the orchestrator of your own career. At TNO you get the scope to develop in the direction you want. Don’t wait for chances but grab them, and follow your heart. Not only do you achieve a lot for yourself in this way but it also accelerates the innovation process. That may sometimes turn out to be a disappointment, but if you never try anything, you can’t make any progress. As a person or as an organisation. Because that’s exactly what innovation is all about.”

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