Internships and graduation at Intelligent Imaging

TNO’s Intelligent Imaging group, our computer vision group, is specialised in image processing, image enhancement, image analysis, visual pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. This young, passionate, creative and committed group works with partners on technological breakthroughs for innovations in important societal and economic themes.

When you become an intern or graduate at Intelligent Imaging, you will work on challenging projects where you will gain relevant experience in your field of study.

Your project can start at any time between now and August 2018 for a period of 3 to 12 months. If you want to do a project for more than 3 months, please note that a screening by the AIVD is mandatory. Please mention in your application the length of your project and the desired starting date. You will receive an appropriate internship fee.

The internships and graduations at Intelligent Imaging are:

Internship | Deep learning & computer vision: Real-time deep learning - closing the vision-based loop on a drone

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Internship | Deep learning & computer vision: Optimizing Dutch Highway maintenance

Making deep action recognition robust when changing to another environment.

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Internship | Computer vision: Automatic ball detection in sports videos

Can you detect and trace the ball in live sport events?

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Internship | Computer vision: Transferring a person-reidentification neural network to another set of cameras

Will you find that one person in the crowd?

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Internship | Computer vision: Long-term Behavior Recognition in Video by Structural Pattern Recognition

Can you predict the behavior of people over an extended amount of time?

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Internships and graduation assignments

Do you like to work with colleagues from different backgrounds? Do you think it is important to contribute to science and society? Do you want to learn from the best experts in your field? Do you enjoy... Read more

Intelligent Imaging

TNO's Intelligent Imaging group works together with partners on technological breakthroughs leading to major innovations in high-priority societal and economic themes. About 40 professionals work in the... Read more

Internships and graduation assignments

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