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Bloggers: Mike Wilmer, Judith Donner, Lotte Schuilenborg, Geoff Holmes, Michiel van den Baar • 28 Dec 2018

In this trainee blog we have made it easy for you and combined the stories of not only one, but five trainees! In short video clips each of them explains why she or he likes to work for TNO, what makes them tick and what is so special about the TNO traineeship. Lean back and enjoy!

Mike Wilmer

Mike started the traineeship at TNO so that he could further find out in which direction he wants his career to go. As part of his traineeship, Mike is working on quantum computing technology. Mike is passionate to be part of this state-of -the-art research that has a big potential value for society.

Judith Donner

Judith values the openness of the traineeship and that she can be in charge of her own personal development. Being a project manager in the Space Systems Engineering department at TNO, Judith is responsible for the execution of projects incl. the proposal writing, staying in touch with the client, managing the people and taking care of the controlling processes around the projects.

Lotte Schuilenborg

Lotte started as TNO trainee, because she was interested in seeing different departments of TNO before deciding where she wants to stay. Lotte had a great experience with a project for healthcare workers in which applied research could help other people in their daily working experience. Lotte really values the learning culture at TNO and how colleagues can inspire each other.

Geoff Holmes

As a TNO trainee, Geoff was working for applied research projects around infrastructural challenges in the Netherlands and worldwide. Geoff values the balance between working for his department and working on his own personal development. He enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment and, as a non-Native, Geoff got the opportunity to take Dutch courses, supported by TNO.

Michiel van den Baar

Michiel worked at the Sustainable Process and Energy Systems department in Delft where he is excited to learn from and together with his colleagues. Michiel explains that as a trainee you can bring a new perspective to the table, because you can see different parts of TNO, which might offer new insights.

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