New group of trainees started

28 Mar 2020

In these challenging times, our focus is on everyone’s health and that of elderly or sick persons in particular. It is truly a special moment to join TNO as a new colleague.

Trainees March 2020 - Shari Finner, Marlijn Heijnen, Lisa Hulshof, Emilio Manrique Ambriz, and Mathilde Teelen.

With the new group of trainees who like a lot of our colleagues work from home, we announce the 10 year anniversary of the TNO Trainee Programme.

TNO Trainee Programme

Contrary to our talented starters who quickly go in deep and join the Talent Development Programme, our Trainee Programme supports a group of bright young people who have a broader development scope.  

Trainees rotate three times eight months over different units and departments within TNO. Because of this they not only bring fresh new ideas, but also attribute to connections between units.

Welcome and good luck Shari Finner, Marlijn Heijnen, Lisa Hulshof, Emilio Manrique Ambriz and Mathilde Teelen!

Check out all the info on our Trainee Programme


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