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TNO is regularly included in image and good employership surveys. We consider it important to find out what starters and (young) professionals in the employment market think about TNO. What aspects are important in choosing a future employer? What makes TNO attractive, or not? Below is a couple of the most recent surveys.

What aspects are important in choosing a future employer? What makes TNO attractive or maybe not? Some of the most recent studies are listed and explained on the Dutch page of this topic. The studies are: Intermediair Image Research and Randstad Award. TNO has won both of these competitions in 2016.

TNO is favourite employer in the technology sector for the fourth time in a row

At the Intermediair Arbeidsmarkt event on 3 June 2016 TNO was the winning technology organisation for the fourth time, leaving the Koninklijke BAM Groep and Heijmans N.V. trailing in second and third spots respectively. In the overall ranking TNO took 26th spot. The survey shows growing confidence by the highly educated component of the employment market.

The survey, which has been carried out for a decade among some 4000 graduates younger than 45 years old, helps employers gain better insight into their target groups, answering questions like: How do graduates view the employment markets? What effects do economic developments have on the preferences of the highly educated population? How do starters see their professional future? Who are the favourite employers of these graduates in the various categories?
Visit the Intermediair site (in Dutch) for further information about the survey.

Randstad Award 2016: Schiphol Airport and TNO the most attractive employers of 2016

The Randstad Award 2016 for the most attractive employer in the Netherlands was won by TNO (non-profit) and Schiphol (profit). What makes an organisation an attractive employer? This year again Randstad put this question to 15,300 residents between 18 and 65 years old in the Netherlands to measure the attractiveness of 350 of the country’s main employers. The survey investigates the attractiveness of the major employers in 25 countries.

For the Dutch respondents the atmosphere at work, a good salary and fringe benefits along with job security were the key criteria for an attractive employer. In addition, graduates tend to be motivated by interesting jobs and career possibilities. TNO scores high especially in terms of the latest technologies/innovation (67%), work content (58%), good training and education (56%) and qualitative products/services (56%).
For more information about the survey go to the Randstad (in Dutch) site.

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TNO for the fourth time in succession preferred employer in technical branche

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