“At TNO, we know how to get things done”

Scientists know what it means to be an expert in their field. Because of that, they trust other people’s expertise. At least, that’s what recruiter Anouk Bos finds. It’s why she enjoys working with them so much.

What is so great about your job?

“I first started as a recruiter at an agency. That’s where I learnt the trade, but pretty soon the ‘customer side’ started to attract me. At TNO I enjoy plenty of freedom to act as an advisor. Sometimes I can even say to a manager or an applicant, ‘I wouldn’t do this – let’s keep on looking for a better match.’ I recruit for two clusters at TNO in Eindhoven, Nanotechnology and Solids & Fluids. So I meet a lot of mechanical engineers, but also physicists, electrical engineers, computer scientists… You name it. I like working with them. Because they’re experts in their own field, they trust my expertise in finding them a challenging workplace.”

How do you pitch TNO to first-time jobseekers?

“Choose TNO and you’re choosing the best of both scientific worlds: academia and industry. You have so many opportunities to do great things here. This includes a steep learning curve, in both technical and soft skills. At TNO, anyone with a passion for technology is in the right place. Whether you prefer conceptual thinking or you’re more practically-minded. As long as you have an entrepreneurial attitude and you know what direction you want to head in, you’re given every chance here.”

TNO offers plenty of opportunities, but don’t all employers say that?

“At TNO, it really is the case. That’s something I’ve experienced for myself. Before I came here, I spent a couple of years as an interim recruiter in the commercial sector. The freedom you have as a freelancer is lovely, but I also had the feeling I was standing still in my career advancement. That’s totally different at TNO. In my first eighteen months, I grew enormously as a professional. TNO is big, but not cumbersome. If you have a good idea and you can persuade your manager with the right arguments, plenty is possible. Everyone who works here experiences that.”

What is a great working day for you?

“I always really enjoy the ‘Get to Know TNO’ days we organize for students who are about to graduate. They’re where you see TNO at its best. With colleagues revealing our best-kept secrets, in all their diversity: ‘all this is possible when you come to work at TNO.’ That makes me really proud. I like to be challenged in my work, too. It’s when I’m at my best. For example, when I have a meeting with a manager about their ambitions for the growth of their department and the expertise they need me to find for them – especially  when that expertise is scarce.”

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

“That was the expansion of the Automotive team, which is developing a brand-new technology. In six months we brought in forty new people, doubling the number of experts on the team. That success shows that we really know how to attract enthusiastic people and get things done at TNO.”

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