“TNO brings a whole new dimension to learning on the job”

Nowhere are professional growth and personal development so highly valued as at TNO, says recruiter Ferry Leeflang. Which is why he loves working here so much.

Why did you become a recruiter, and why at TNO?

“My first job after graduating in Business Studies was as a junior Oracle consultant at Capgemini. From there I grew quickly to the position of recruitment consultant, and I fell instantly for that new line of work. I spent a couple of years acting mainly at the strategic and tactical levels before realizing that I still lacked a good knowledge of operational recruitment processes. I also longed to be at the hectic heart of a dynamic organization. To dig my teeth into hard-to-fill vacancies, to be in close contact with managers and to guide job candidates smoothly through the process. For a recruiter, TNO is the perfect working environment. We do everything in house, from recruitment marketing to successfully ‘onboarding’ new employees.”

What do you remember about your own application to TNO?

“It was unusual sitting on the other side of the table, but I clicked instantly with my recruiter. In fact, she’s still one of my best friends. I chose TNO deliberately for the development opportunities and the broad scope of the job, with all the challenges that entails. The intellectual level of the applicants also appeals to me, as do the complexity and diversity of the jobs on offer here.”

How do you pitch TNO to first-time jobseekers?

“Nowhere are professional growth and personal development so highly valued as they are at TNO. I’m convinced of that. With so much knowledge and experience on hand, TNO brings a whole new dimension to learning on the job. We have professors working here, and experts in the most cutting-edge technologies. But above all, everything we do makes a huge impact on society. Little by little, the know-how we develop and put into action is making the world a better place.”

What is a great working day for you?

“One where I have to keep a lot of balls in the air but still manage to achieve something tangible. Like finding the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill vacancy. I recruit for the Defence and Security focus area, especially IT people. Some specialists are thin on the ground, so it’s great to make contact with them for all parts of TNO: people with a computer science background, electrical engineers and artificial intelligence experts. As a recruitment marketer, I also advise our communications experts when they’re planning Employer Branding campaigns in our area. My average working day is as varied as TNO itself.”

Do you have an insider tip?

“Are you in one of my hard-to-find groups? Then set up a job alert and contact me, or send an open application. It would be a crying shame not to at least consider a career at TNO.”

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