“Your personal and professional development is important to us at TNO.”

Come to a job interview with TNO recruiter Foske Smith and there is one question you are sure to hear: where do you want to be in your career five years from now, and how can we help you with that?

What do you remember about your own application to TNO?

“First and foremost, the interview in which Ferry – now my colleague – asked what career goals I’d set myself. I thought that was a very good question. It made clear that my personal and professional development is important to TNO. Now that I do job interviews myself, I notice that applicants are sometimes surprised by this question. So I explain to them why it matters to us, and that it’s not about mapping out their future in detail – we ask because we’re curious about where they see themselves a few years from now, and because we’d like to help them get there.”

When did you first know you wanted to be an HR professional?

“One of my first employers was the Ministry of Economic Affairs. There, I was chair of the internal network for young professionals, JongEZ. That meant attending management-level meetings about HR issues. A big reorganization was under way and I was keen to make sure that everyone, talented young people included, was given equal opportunities. You need young, ambitious talents if you want to keep developing as an organization. As a recruiter at TNO, I can now pursue that goal every day.”

Why TNO?

“I’m hugely impressed by how much my colleagues know, and by the fact that, as a recruiter, you’re playing your part in innovation from the sidelines. Every day I learn about cutting-edge developments. I studied Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht, so it was great to be assigned to recruitment and selection for Life Science at TNO. I also recruit for various technical departments and, like my fellow recruiters, have one ‘hard-to-find’ group. In my case that’s econometrists and mathematicians.”

How do you pitch TNO to first-time jobseekers?

“TNO is innovation. Everything we do is innovative. If something already exists, we don’t have to reinvent it. The people here are constantly looking for solutions to make the world a better place, and they’re always ready to help each other. That’s important, because you can never innovate alone. There’s so much know-how here that you will definitely  find a colleague with that one extra bit of expertise you need.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“In my work, I have the opportunity to meet fascinating new people every day. People I hope are right for TNO, and vice versa. I always approach them with an open mind, because no two people are the same. TNO is large and diverse, so for me it’s a challenge every time to work out exactly what kind of new colleague a team needs. That ensures that I’m still far from tired of working here.”

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