“I may just have the most cheerful job there is”

Lara Hagendoorn recruits young talent for TNO. Her role, campus recruiter, is new and Lara designed it partly herself.  That’s possible at TNO.

“Young talent is important to TNO. TNO employees who are recent graduates have a fresh outlook and may bring surprising insights, which creates a beautiful mix with researchers who have a wealth of experience. Previously, my colleagues took care of the campus part in addition to recruiting more experienced researchers.  Now this is concentrated into one role: campus recruiter.”

Young talent

“My most important task is to establish a campus recruitment strategy. What young talent do we need for the coming academic year? And how will we succeed, despite the scarcity, in finding the exact talent that TNO needs? Apart from that, I also recruit young talent.”

Ready for a next step

“After completing my studies in Human Resource Management, I started working in the HR Services department of TNO. After working there for five years, the opportunity of campus recruiter came my way. It was exactly at that time when I was thinking: it’s about time to take the next step in my development. Luckily I could do that at TNO, where I really enjoy my work. An ideal situation! What made the role even more attractive was that I could co-design it.  That’s what I call TNO. Researchers also experience this freedom.”

Only enthusiastic people

“During the selection interviews I obviously pay attention to the hard skills, but finding the right candidate for the right job is also a matter of feeling. I have the benefit of having worked at TNO for a long time and knowing many young researchers. When I organise or visit events with them  to present TNO as an employer, for example at study associations, I always notice how enthusiastic they are. Actually, in my job I only ever meet enthusiastic people: TNO employees who are proud of their work and potential TNO employees who want to progress in the discipline they love. I may just have the most cheerful job there is.”


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