“An internship at TNO is a great opportunity”

From her own internship, Sophie Plas remembers how much she learned by fully participating in a project. And for the students who work at TNO, the internship coordinator has the same wish.

“Making TNO the best internship company in the Netherlands: that is my main goal. Interns are important to TNO because they bring new knowledge and insights. At TNO you not only learn a lot during your internship, you can also orientate yourself towards a possible career at TNO. For this it’s important that we know what our interns do and where in the organisation they could be best placed. It is therefore also important for managers to exchange their experiences with internships and interns, because it is possible that a student who is currently doing a graduation assignment for the Healthy Living unit is also very much needed at Defence, Safety & Security.”

Four hundred interns

“TNO has around 400 interns per year. Students know that we have great graduation assignments here. Your research will not be left on the shelf; you really make a contribution to a research project and thus also mean something to society. From my own internship I still remember how valuable it is when you are given a lot of freedom and responsibility to bring your graduation assignment to a successful conclusion. That is also something that TNO has to offer its interns. You participate fully in a research project, you work in a multidisciplinary team, gain a lot of research experience and get a good impression of what it is like to work at TNO.
“We offer by far the most graduation assignments to university students who want to gain experience in research and write their thesis with us. We also have internships for higher vocational education students and intermediate vocational education students.”

Match with TNO

“In our intern search, we are not only looking for a good match with the internship assignment, but also with TNO. It is a great opportunity to explore whether they fit in well with TNO, also once they have graduated and are looking for a job. Many talented TNO employees started here as interns. I am happy that I can contribute to this as an internship coordinator.”

Our recruiters

TNO for the sixth time in succession preferred employer in technical branche

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