“Futuristic technology – that really is my thing!”

Innovator Francesco Esposto is developing ground-breaking technology, which will be part of our everyday lives in a few years’ time.

“As an innovator on the Co-operative Mobility programme, I’m working on technology to enable self-driving cars to communicate with each other and with the infrastructure around them. My main focus is the safety system, which ensures that the technology works in dangerous situations on the road. Another project I’m involved in, this time in Automotive, is the construction of a simulator to test self-driving cars. It’s fantastic to be working on all this – we have so much to look forward to when it comes to self-driving cars. Some vehicles already have autonomous functions, but they’re going to develop enormously over the next few years. So-called co-operative driving, especially, is really important for safety and traffic flows. That’s the main thing we in Co-operative Mobility are working on. For most people this is very futuristic, but we’re already developing the technology and we can see that it works.”

Futuristic technology

“I initially studied electrical engineering at university. Very interesting, but I wanted to do more. I have a passion for cars, and thought that doing a Master’s in mechatronics would bring me closer to the automotive industry. My thesis was about technology to repel intrusive or hostile drones. Futuristic technology – that really is my thing! After graduating, I received a lot of job offers. I chose TNO because I knew what brilliant things they do here, certainly in Automotive. In so many technologies, hardly anyone else is as far advanced as TNO. Here I can keep building my own body of knowledge, and make myself useful by putting it into practice straight away.”

Future project manager

“In the six months I’ve been at TNO, I’ve already learnt so much. And you never run out of things to learn here. We work on big projects involving a lot of people, who have to collaborate effectively to make real progress. Even though I’m still relatively new here, I’m already encountering many aspects of project management. That’s important to me, because it’s the direction I want to move in. Right now, some colleagues and I are working on a bid for a major European tender procedure. For that I have to consult with our consortium partners and come up with solid proposals.”

No more jams

“I studied in Rome, Turin, London and Eindhoven. But now I’m planning to live and work permanently in the Netherlands, certainly for as long as I’m learning new things and tackling new challenges at TNO on a daily basis. For the most part, I travel by bike because I don’t traffic jams. Fortunately, autonomous and co-operative driving should soon put an end to them.”

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