“At TNO, you'll never do the same thing twice”

Innovator Thymen Wabeke has found that, at TNO, every project is different. Plenty of opportunities to find out what you are good at, and to identify areas for further personal development.

“At Data Science, we develop smart computer programs that can think and reason just like people. Ultimately, they will be used to support human activities. Thus, the technology we are developing here is truly intended to serve man, and society. The interaction between people and technology has always fascinated me. That’s what really appeals to me about working at TNO.”

Privacy-friendly data analysis

“In my two years at Data Science, I’ve learned to use various privacy techniques, such as ‘homomorphic encryption’. One area of my research focuses on ways of applying this technology, such as predicting the growth of children. This requires an awful lot of data, in this case data on the growth of thousands of children. But it’s important to ensure that none of this data can be traced back to the individuals from whom it was obtained. This is possible using encryption, and by then carrying out tests on the encrypted data. In the future, homomorphic encryption will enable us to carry out many more medical tests which, for privacy reasons, are currently prohibited. This is also commercially attractive for the business community. It makes it possible for businesspeople to share benchmark data at sector level, without having to worry that they might be revealing sensitive business information.”

Got a bright idea? Show us how it works

“I studied Artificial Intelligence at Nijmegen. After my graduation internship at TNO, I stayed on. It is fascinating to see how many people with the most diverse competencies and backgrounds cooperate with one another here. Every project is different, and there is so much to choose from. At TNO, you’ll never do the same thing twice.”

“At TNO, I have enjoyed enormous freedom in setting out the course of my own personal development. What are you good at, and what are your personal development goals? At TNO, if you have a really great idea, you will be given all the freedom and support you need to pursue it and see where it leads. Expert Networks is a fine example. Together with two colleagues, I developed this system for use in our own organization. It is a system that TNO staff can use to search for colleagues with specific areas of expertise. This is based on thousands of documents that are available within TNO. Having staged a successful demo, we are now keen to translate this into an operational system that everyone can use.”

Become an expert

“My immediate goal is to obtain still more knowledge and experience in the field of privacy-friendly data analysis. I am really keen to become an expert in this area, as that will enable me to steer my personal development towards a consultancy role. At TNO, I am given all the scope and opportunity I need to find out whether or not I have what it takes to succeed in this.”


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