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14 Dec 2016

There are a lot of activities that take place during your traineeship. Some of these activities occur twice a year, like the Trainee Selection Day and kick-off and final presentations of the trainee projects. Others, such as the workshops, coaching and peer-to-peer coaching occur every month or every two months. Additionally, there are the social activities: the Spring Day, the Trainee Weekend and Christmas Dinner. With this blog post, we hope to give you an insight into past years’ activities.

February 2017

Kick-off trainee projects

Trainee projects address relevant, TNO-wide, topics with room for trainees to come up with fresh and creative ideas. The kick-off presentations showcased the main goals and approaches of the four new projects. The new topics range from building a physical machine to showcase TNO’s technology and know-how to facilitate and gather best practises to let employees embrace valorisation in their daily work. After the presentations, it was time for drinks with an additional challenge: give feedback or tips to all project teams by switching tables regularly. All in all a very nice kick-start to the new projects!

Good bye dinner

Some of our fellow trainees finished their traineeship. To honour this, a dinner is organised by the (soon to be) ex-trainees, where gifts are given and their personal and professional accomplishments  are highlighted in speeches given by both the trainee group and the trainee manager.

Start new trainees

The farewell of our former trainees gives way for a fresh group of trainees to begin. In the first half of 2017 a group of seven new trainees will start their traineeship. All have different backgrounds and will go to different departments; examples of these departments are Equipment for Additive Manufacturing in Eindhoven and Climate, Air and Sustainability in Utrecht. If you wonder what the first weeks of the traineeship are like, you could read a blog-post on Eric's start at TNO here.

If you want to be part of a new batch of trainees, check out the vacancy and maybe you too will receive a nice bouquet of flowers on your first day at TNO!

January 2017

Final Presentations Trainee Projects

Presentation ready? Check! Audience present? Check! Business casual outfit? Check! After five months of hard work, four trainees presented the results of our trainee projects to our clients (scientists and managers), sponsors (managers and directors) and other interested TNO’ers. Just as with other trainee events, the organization and hosting was in our own hands. The presentations showed great examples of the impact we can achieve by working on these projects. For example, one team of trainees showed the wide range of organisational structures TNO could have if you would start from a blank sheet of paper: a topic received with great enthusiasm by the members of the board of directors attending these final presentations! Read more about a trainee project in this blog.

November 2016

Trainee selection day

Most of us remember it vividly. Walking through these doors for the first time, overly conscious of every step. Having your picture taken, whilst sporting an awkward fusion of a grimace and a smile on your face. The Trainee Selection Day is at the same time both an exciting and terrifying experience as a candidate looking to start your career.

After more than a year being a TNO trainee myself, I had the opportunity to experience the event from the other side – as the organizer. Reinventing the selection day format, thinking of creative and challenging group assignments, intensive cooperation with the trainee manager, recruitment, research managers and trainees alike. Based on all the responsibilities that came with those activities: I found the Trainee Selection Day just as exciting and terrifying, being the organizer, as I did being the candidate.

Read more about (organising) the Trainee Selection day in this blog.

October 2016

Trainee Weekend

Every year around October a few trainees organise an informal weekend for all trainees: the Trainee Weekend! This year the weekend took place in the idyllic village of Schoorl, and had an Oktoberfest theme. After some good food, a trainee pub-quiz and lots of fun on Friday night, the whole team went to an ice rink on Saturday to try their hand at curling. Afterwards, since the weather was surprisingly non-Dutch, we walked out the post-curling excitement on the beach. Sunday morning a nice breakfast awaited us, after which the weekend sadly came to an end. On to the next one!

May 2016

Spring Day

A day on the town with the trainees, being away from the office and work, exploring the ‘Dom-town’ on a nice and sunny spring day! What better way to do this than canoeing down the canals, in-between the historical buildings? Paddling like a madman during a race until blisters appear on your hands or every now and then somewhat slower, with a beer in your hand. Subsequently, moving to the Oudegracht for some cake, singing and swinging led by a colourful singing-teacher. And finally, ending the day with delicious food, a few more beers and some dancing in the city. What a great day it was!



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06 September 2016
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